Moving to Berlin - Helpful Resources

Finding Accomodation

Here are some online resources that might help you finding a place to to live. Please note: This list is provided for your convenience only. IES Abroad Berlin does not offer recommendations or endorsements for any of these corporations and organizations.

EXBERLINER Flatrentals (Berlin's English-speaking accommodation service)

EXBERLINER Classifieds Ad Service (Berlin's English-speaking classified ads)

WG-Gesucht (roommate search for apartments)

Mitwohnzentrale (furnished apartments for rent)

House of Nations (short term rental)

Immobilien Scout 24 (apartments for rent)

Immo Suche Net (apartments and furnished rooms for rent)

Legal Issues

U.S. Citizen Services (information provided by the US Embassy & Foreign Service)

Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten Berlin

Ausländerbehörde Berlin

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Life in Berlin A-Z

Practical tips for your daily life in Berlin as well as information on sports, culture, travel, and annual events [more]






City of Berlin

Helpful online resources to navigate your ways around Berlin [more]