Weekend Escapes

Don't forget that there is lots to see and do right around Berlin! Berlin and the state of Brandenburg have tons of lakes and bike trails, so you don't have to go far to experience the great outdoors.

The Spreewald is just a short train ride away, as well as National Park Unteres Odertal, located on the border to Poland.

In the library we have travel books about these areas that make planning your trip much easier, such as the comprehensive guides "Brandenburg entdecken" series, "Ab ins Grüne: Ausflüge mit der Berliner S-Bahn", and "Berlin geht baden." 



Visit Germany's most beautiful town with its picturesque city center, located on the Polish border [more]


Frankfurt/ Oder is a town located at the very east of Germany, in the Bundesland Brandenburg, right at the German-Polish border [more]


Visit Wittenberg, where in 1517 Martin Luther nailed his famous "95 Theses" to the door of the Schlosskirche (castle church), sparking Protestant Reformation [more]


Hamburg is the second biggest city in Germany and one of the three German cities that is a Bundesland by itself. It is located in the north of Germany on the rivers Elbe and Alster, relatively close to the North Sea [more]


This trade fair center is an absolute must for music lovers.  In addition to world class music, Saxony's biggest city also offers one of Germany's most spectacular monuments, the Monument to the Battle of Nations [more]



Outdoor Activities


Berlin Wall Trail - Experience history and cycle or walk along the former Berlin Wall [more]

Unteres Odertal

Founded in 1993, this transnational national park is a great way to take in the nature of Germany and Poland! With tons of lakes and plenty of birds, this park is definitely worth a visit [more]


Located 100km south-east of Berlin in the state of Brandenburg is Spreewald.  This UNESCO site is well known for its many canals which were originally part of its irrigation system.  If you are feeling "stadtmüde", catch a ride south and enjoy a boat ride through one of northern Germany's best kept secrets! [more]

Flaeming Skate

Flaeming Skate is a gigantic skate park in Brandenburg State, only 50 km south of Berlin. On altogether 210 km of smooth asphalt streets you can inline skate or bike through beautiful nature landscapes and romantic villages with lovely old churches and mills [more]


Take a short trip up to the German coast for some fun in the sun and a relaxing weekend away from the city! [more]

City of Berlin

Helpful online resources to navigate your ways around Berlin [more]

Student Life

Learn about volunteer opportunities, language partners, weekend escapes, student life in Berlin A - Z  [more]