Student Services

Studying abroad is both an educational and personal experience. You will not only learn new subjects and expand your knowledge, but also learn about yourself in the process.  At IES Abroad Berlin, we realize that it can be very challenging to be so far out of your comfort zone.  Students experience homesickness to varying degrees, but almost always emerge from that within a few weeks and start to really enjoy living in a foreign country.  

Since the transition can be challenging at first, we strive to provide as much help and advice as possible, particularly at the beginning of each semester, but also throughout your time here.  On this website, you will find some basic information about what life is like for a foreign student in Berlin.  Upon your arrival in Germany, we will have several orientation sessions to go over this information in greater detail.  The staff and student assistants are also more than willing to help throughout the semester if any issues arise.  There will be challenges, but that makes studying abroad more interesting and more rewarding!

Student Life

Learn about volunteer opportunities, language partners, weekend escapes, student life in Berlin A - Z  [more]