Disability Services

Students who are cronically ill or disabled should not feel that this will hinder them from studying abroad. All efforts are made by IES Abroad Berlin staff to accomodate the needs of the students.

There are of course, certain precautions that study abroad students with chronic sickness or disabilities need to make. Here are some tips and online resources for students planning to study in Berlin.  If you have special needs, please be sure to contact the IES Abroad Chicago well in advance so that arrangements can be made for your stay.

  • Before you go...
    Tips for planning your trip: information on importing medicine to Germany, link to Mobility International USA
  • Students' Perspectives
    Just Go for it!...Katie, a student from George Washington University, spent her junior year at IES Berlin.
  • Studying in Berlin
    Comprehensive information about studying conditions for disabled and chronically ill students, facility information, sports information, living informations, student interest groups in Berlin.
  • Travelling in Germany & Europe
    Links to websites that offer information on travelling for people with restricted mobility in Germany and Europe
  • Leisure Time
    Information on leisure time activities for people with restricted mobility in Berlin

Student Life

Learn about volunteer opportunities, language partners, weekend escapes, student life in Berlin A - Z  [more]